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Coronavirus (कोरोनावायरस) : These 10 steps will reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection

 Coronavirus (कोरोनावायरस) : These 10 steps will reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection.

Dangerous coronavirus spread from China has now knocked in Delhi as well.  About 3000 people have been killed by this dangerous virus so far and around 90 thousand people have been infected.  The problem is that its cure has not been found yet.

 After China, the virus has caught dozens of countries including Iran, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy.  Two new cases of coronavirus have surfaced in India on Monday.  One in Delhi and the other in Telangana.  So far, the virus has been confirmed in a total of five patients in the country.

 In such a situation, a precautionary step can prove to be the biggest defense.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) advisory, if we do small things in everyday life, then the risk of infection will reduce significantly.

 Coronavirus: These 10 steps will reduce the risk of infection

 1. Wash hands regularly

  •  Wash hands regularly with soap and water several times a day for at least 20 seconds.  A good sanitizer can also be used to kill bacteria.

  •  Doing this will get rid of the virus that lives on the hands.

2. Maintain proper distance

  •  Try to maintain a distance of at least 3 feet with people around you.  Especially from a person who has a cough or a cold.

  •  When a person coughs or sneezes, the virus spreads in the air.  If you stay more close, then this virus can pass through your body through your breath.

3.  Do not touch nose, mouth and eyes frequently

  •  Often we keep touching our nose, mouth and eyes again and again.  Do not do this.

  •  The palms touch many surfaces.  In this case, there are viruses on it.  From the contaminated palm, the virus can pass through the nose, mouth or eyes into the body.

4. Use tissue when sneezing

  •  Take special care of cleanliness around you.  Keep in mind that while sneezing or coughing, cover the nose and mouth with the tissue and immediately throw this tissue in the dustbin.

  •  The fluid released by sneezing contains many viruses and can spread rapidly.

 5. Do not take fever, cough or cold for short

  •  If you have fever, cough or have trouble breathing, see a doctor immediately.  Try to stay at home.

  •  Immediate contact with a doctor can prevent the disease from being detected early.

6. Keep mobile screen clean

  •  Clean your smartphone once a week with disinfecting wipes.  These wipes eliminate all germs in the upper part of the phone.

  •  We have a large screen of 24-hour smartphone screen in our hands.  The screen contains bacteria called methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

 7. Clean the bathroom

  •  While cleaning the bathroom, clean the shower.  It can be washed with dettol water.  Do not use plastic curtains in the bathroom.

  •  Many germs thrive in the shower, including Mathalobacter.  Many research suggests that these viruses thrive more in shower and bathroom screens.

8. Keep this care in air travel

  •  Clean your hands thoroughly before taking food items from crew members in the aircraft.

  •  The fear of outbreak of coronavirus from crew members is highest in air travel.

 9. Eat yogurt if you have to go to hospital

  •  If you have to stay in the hospital, then try to use curd in your food.

  •  Yogurt contains a bacterium called Acidophilus which kills many viruses.

10. Wear a mask

  •  If you have a cough or a cold, wear a mask.  Especially while getting out.

  •  Viruses can get infected by others through you, so take special care.


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